Schi- und Snowboardschule

more than 20 years of backcountry experience and teaching

Martin Zarfl is lead guide and owner of Freeride Hotspot

Martin has a long time experience as Freeride Professional, competing in the FWT (Freeride World Tour) and winner of the Big Mountain Competition in Fieberbrunn.  As a guide he worked for several companies in AUSTRIA and EUROPE. The combination of his backcountry skills and the education as a sports scientist (University Innsbruck) makes him to a real expert in the mountains and in physical education.


Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer/ Snowboardführer, Schilehrer

Staatlich geprüfter Mountainbikeguide

Staatlich geprüfter Surflehrer VÖWS

University Degree in Sports Science (Innsbruck)

Lead Guide and Owner of Freeride Hotspot

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